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What is the fascination with Rolex watches

When it was new it was the most perfect mechanical watch one could buy and was within a few seconds of the exact time. For that reason it was something of a status symbol and when I worked at an US embassy, we could order one on Embassy letterhead and get a significant discount. Most people got the gold one (with a very heavy bracelet of solid gold from Laos), but I thought stainless steel was more practical. Since then, on more than one occasion when I was at work as a librarian someone would ask « Why to you have a watch like that? » I just say  » I was in Vietnam. » I have a Casio now that checks the time signal every night and is more accurate. But I keep the Rolex and every seven years have it overhaulled – not at a low price either. But it is my unofficial Vietnam medal.

In 1908 replique montre, Rolex was founded by Mr. Hans Wilsdorf, a German National Citizen. Initially the company was named Wilsdorf Davis as Wilsdorf founded company together with his brother in law. At the time, mostly pocket watches were produced by Swiss watch manufacturers as manufactures still had difficulty to produce accurate and reliable movements in such small size that they would fit in a wrist watch. Wilsdorf was a perfectionist who improved the standards for watch making as he did strive for smaller and more accurate movements that transformed style and fashion from larger pocket watches to smaller more practical wristwatches. Aegler replique montre rolex, a small Swiss company agreed to supply Wilsdorf with movements small enough to be worn on the wrist. Wilsdorf production included a variety of case designs: casual, formal and sporty.

In 1910, Rolex sent their first movement to the School of Horology in Switzerland. It was awarded the world first wrist watch chronometer rating. Wilsdorf recognized two major requirements for watches: 1) To keep accurate time replique montre, and 2) To be reliable. With the Chronometer Award, of timekeeping was considered to be under control and Wilsdorf started to work on improving the reliability of his watches. One of the main problems at the time was, that dust and moisture would enter in the watch case and progressively damage in movement. To solve, one would need to develop a completely dust and waterproof watch case. Dust and water would enter watch cases via the casebook and via the crown. Wilsdorf developed a screw crown and casebook mechanism that revolutionized the watch industry.

The first waterproof watch was cleverly advertised around the world. At the time, the public was rather skeptical if the watch would be really waterproof. However, after seeing a watch in an aquarium in the shop window, many people were convinced. Around the world one could see windows of watch shops with an aquarium and submerged Rolex watches. This campaign created an enormous brand awareness for Rolex. Since then, Rolex has continued to be at the forefront of the watch making industry. Today, almost every watch manufacturer followed Rolex and offers waterproof watches.

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What is the top selling mens rolex watch

Just about everybody has heard of Rolex watches. Of course, most of us don’t own one, but we recognize the name and the fancy watches when we see them. Rolex watches come from Switzerland, the legendary land of clocks and watches replique montre, springs and gears. Oddly enough, they actually got their start in England before moving the company to Geneva in 1912. Rolex engineering is known for its high-quality and precision time pieces, which are a luxury item due to their high prices and low supply – Rolex invented the first waterproof watch in the 1920s. Rolex sells about 700K watches per year replique montre rolex, bringing in several billion dollars in sales. How much do Rolex watches cost? Sold largely through jewelers and specialty dealers, Rolex watches can sell from $4000 to $40,000 replique montre, with the average Rolex fetching around $7-8K.

RECOMMENDED – Rolex has an amazing name in the watch industry – one associated with class and precision timeware. One of their best selling watches is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Two-Tone Steel Mens Watch 16613BK which is priced at about $7000. The Rolex Yacht-Master Mens Watch 16622 is another top rated Rolex. They are beautifully made and a great investment. We have recently read in the Wall Street Journal how people are choosing jewelry and watches as a way to spend their money versus putting it into the stock market which can be very volatile. A Rolex watch is a great investment and certainly holds its value over time quite well. You can browse the top selling Rolex watches here. Don’t forget about the ladies watches. Rolex also makes a complete line for women and they are a very elegant piece of jewelry in our minds. You can find a few under $4000, but most are priced upwards of $5000. Again, women love fine jewelry and watches tend to hold their value. They make a great gift and are often handed down from generation to generation in families.

Is it ethical for us to live a luxurious life while so many of the poor people live in utter pain

Wealthy People and Families: How do rich people feel about the fact that many people live in extreme poverty, while they spend large sums of money on l. (continue)

Ethics: What is wrong with euthanising « defective » babies whose lives would bring them and the people around them pain?

Life: Does it sadden you to realise that reality is utterly amazing and unfathomable, and yet our role is to just live once for . (continue)

Life: Why do so many people over 20 still live with their parents?

Career Advice: I want to spend my life helping people, how can I do so while also making a good living?

Healthy Living: Why do prisoners get better access to health care than poor people in the US?

Why do some people prefer to live an average life while others prefer a highly successful life?

What are the best life lessons that people have learnt while living at NIT Durgapur?

You had to ask me this question while I am trying to justify buying a new Gibson guitar that I really don need! The answer is not an easy one – there are many shades of grey. I think you would first need to define « luxurious/luxury ». In general replique montre, « luxury » items are those that give prestige or emotional value, instead of functional utility, such as a Rolls Royce replique montre, or a Rolex watch, or a $7,000 replique montre chanel,000 mansion in Beverly Hills. There is a line of research that suggests people « discard concerns about ethics and indulge themselves in the prestige, social status, and emotional pleasure and rewards » when they buy luxury items. So, the question is, it ethical to discard ethics « if the emotional and status rewards for consuming luxury goods are high? » Is it ethical to discard ethics?? Hmm. Not sure. But thats not to say that we shouldn reward ourself once in a while, too. As noted above, there are emotional rewards to buying luxury items, which can have a positive effect on your life. To the extent an occasional indulgence satisfies some emotional need, I do not see an ethical dilemma. But obviously, having no concern for the poor and hungry while at the same time lavishing yourself with extravagant items is more than a little selfish and callous.

« Luxury » though is in contrast to normal consumerism. A yacht is a luxury item – but a Playstation 4 is just a consumer product. 60 inch televisions are just consumer products. iPhones and iPads and laptops; 4 bedroom houses in the suburbs, Volvos in the driveway – these are consumer items. There is certainly support for the concept of « ethical consumption ». Consumption of goods, spending money, has a positive impact on the economy. A good economy provides jobs and drives prosperity. What better way to help a poor person than to give him a job. There are obviously ethical concerns, most of which involve excessive consumption, which leads to waste, pollution, etc. But just living a comfortable existence, buying things that we want (like a Gibson ES-335 Semi-Hollowbody guitar), is not unethical – it is what we work for. Having « nice » things helps us lead a fulfilling life. Certainly, again, if we choose to ignore the needy, disregard the poor and desperate, and selfishly lavish ourselves with « stuff », there are probably some moral issues, if not ethical ones to consider. But you can have concern for the poor and buy nice things for yourself at the same time. We should give some of ourselves to helping others less fortunate, but we shouldn have to give all of ourselves.

What You Need To Know About Buying Rolex Watches

Buying a luxury Rolex watch is one of the ultimate gifts you can give yourself or your loved ones. These top quality timepieces are made to the very highest standards using some of the most sophisticated technology available. Rolex watches not only look and feel great but they also last a long time. Although they may depreciate in value of the first few years vintage Rolex watches are now starting to become very popular as collectors items. This means that these luxury watches can be a useful investment for the future and you will be able to pass them down to your children.

Rolex watches are expensive so you will need to know you are buying a genuine piece before handing over your money. As with any luxury item the market is unfortunately flooded with fakes and some of these can look very convincing to the untrained eye.

Authenticity is a big issue when you are buying a quality new or preowned Rolex watch so it is important to do your research. For example Rolex and the majority of the other big brand names put certain serial numbers on their watches. You can look these up and then check them against the watches for sale to help identify the genuine models from the fakes. Take a magnifying glass with you when you go out to look at watches and don’t be afraid to ask the seller if you can examine the piece closely. If you are buying online then ask for plenty of clear photographs of the piece and any associated paperwork so that can make a close examination before you buy. Here are just some tips to help you spot a genuine Rolex and make sure you are getting what you have paid for:

* Second Hand – the second hand in Rolex watches produced after the 1960′s will move very smoothly without any visible jerks. A jerking motion indicates that an internal Quartz movement has been used. Only one modern Rolex has used this movement (the Oyster Quartz) and so all other models should be absolutely smooth.

* Date Movement – the date movement in Rolex watches is sharp and precise. This comes from sophisticated engineering that simply is not present in fakes and rip offs. Make sure you check the date movement and ensure it is smooth and without any jerks.

* Movements – Rolex movements are stamped ‘ETA’ and have different coloured wheels and rotors. If you cannot check the movements yourself then question the seller closely regarding these parts.

* Bracelet – the finish on a genuine Rolex bracelet is very smooth and fine so feel around the bracelet edges and check for any roughness or sharpness. Also Rolex also put a number at the head fixing bracelet and most fakes do not go down to this level of detail.

* Serial Number – the serial number will be unique to Rolex and any good dealer will be able to provide the service and purchase history related to each unique number.

* Reference Number – This will be engraved between the case lugs (around the 12 o’clock position). This will be either 4, 5 or 6 digits long and you must check that this relates to the model of the watch you are buying.

is resigning from Congress today

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. Now here is a man who WENT GHOST AT THE LAST 6 MONTHS OF HIS CAMPAIGN. Clearly this man has mental issues. He won by more then a 60% margin. He knowns he DID NOT WANT THE JOB. So he runs for office wins then he steps DOWN. Jackson even went so far as to issue a robocall to constituents, thanking them for their patience, only to resign less than a month later.

Previous news reports have speculated that Jackson’s resignation was imminent since Jackson is in the middle of a plea deal with the Feds for misuse of campaign funds, which will result in jail time.

Jackson has been absent from Capitol Hill since mid-June replique montre, when he left his job to seek help for bipolar disorder. Those who have spoken with him recently say he is in no position to return to work. but didn’t stay long, choosing instead to return to the Mayo Clinic.

Jackson is accused of spending $40,000 on a Rolex watch for a female friend and using campaign funds to redecorate his Chicago home. His wife has also been implicated in the scandal as well.

Comment by Shirley Husar on November 22 replique montre, 2012 at 12:02am

He won the seat fair and square. Now we will appoint and replacement until they do and re-election. Now how much does it cost to do a re-election? Critics charge that candidates must spend heavily to get elected and races often cost 100k and up to millions of dollars to do a RE-ELECTION on top of the cost to the state. OMG this man did not care about the cost to the state of the people? And the people did not get the warring signs that he clearly did not WANT THE SEAT. BY GOING GHOST 6 months at the end of the campaign race for the seat.

What’s Happening Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China (yes it China now)

32C, Hazy Sunny Skies

« Hong Kong. The most cosmopolitan city in the world in my opinion. » That what I said years ago when I visited this city when it was still a « British » colony. Fast forward to 2009, I decided at the last minute to go to Hong Kong for « silver week holidays ». You see replique montre, in Japan, 3 holidays happen to occur on a Mon, Tues replique montre rolex, Wed, of September this year. Originally I was to explore more of Japan but oh so expensive! But as an American Airlines FF, found out that with only 30000 miles I could get a round trip biz class ticket on Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong from Tokyo so Hong Kong is where I shall go.

To be honest replique montre, I am skeptical on whether I would enjoy it. My Hong Kong is the « In the Mood for Love » Hong Kong. The John LeCarre – Honourable Schoolboy Hong Kong. The Hong Kong that my father spoke about where he bought his coveted Rolex watch. The New Territories were wilderness. Shenzhen did not exist or at least there were no factories nor skyscrapers in Shenzhen!

So off I went today to Hong Kong. The biz class flight on Cathay was fantastic. We flew over Kyushu and parts of Taiwan and 4.5 hours later was descending into Hong Kong. But what a different experience from my last trip where the descent was scary in that the PanAm 747 I was in seemed to just miss apartment buildings and electrical lines and dropped onto the runway. This time the plane made a gradual landing into a modern, clean and very Singapore like environment. Yes, the jutting mountains were still there, but everything is so new! New bridges, highways and very fancy high rises. That is what I saw when landing into Hong Kong.

Disappointing. What happened to the energy and edginess of Hong Kong?? I experienced some of it while figuring out how to get to the Sheraton on Nathan Road which is where I am staying. The train seemed to me most efficient (24 min to city center) but the lines were so long! So decided to take the « airport limo bus ». Now that was a Hong Kong experience which I remember. Chaotic but the job gets done. But during the drive, all I saw was modern skyscrapers and perfect landscaping. Not the Hong Kong I remember. But then we went into a tunnel and when we exited the tunnel into Kowloon there was the Hong Kong I remember. Total chaos with lots of energy and vitality. I even saw a difference in our bus driver. On the highway through the « new » Hong Kong, he was driving very conservatively. But when we entered Kowloon,he was a madman! I luved it but did fasten my seat belt! Weird, cuz from the airport to the beginning of the « tunnel » , he was a demure and very polite driver. Once into Kowloon, he became aggressive and impatient. And Kowloon was just as crazy and energetic as I remembered it. The only difference was that instead of the Union Jack, the 60th anniversary of China banner was flying everywhere.

I checked into the Sheraton and after packing, getting organized, etc, it was 7pm. Walked the area a bit and found it interesting that local Chinese peddlers did not exist anymore and have been replaced by Sri Lankans, Pakistanis and Indians. Wild!

Cathay Pacific Flight 501, my view of the cabin from Seat !5A. As expected, it was very clean with exceptional service and the toilets had flowers and products from Dermalogica.

Is Rolex worth the money

On One Hand: A Valuable TimepieceRolex is a famous brand of wristwatch that originated in Switzerland. The Rolex has always been considered a top-flight watch, and owning one is everywhere considered a mark of good taste, wealth, and success. The watches themselves are superbly engineered replique montre, although they aren’t the world’s most durable timepieces, and several vintage models are still in high demand among collectors.

On the Other: Cell Phones and CounterfeitsCell phones, PDAs replique montre, and other portable devices are making wristwatches obsolete. Many younger people, who represent the leading edge of fashion and style, do not wear watches. Simply for the purpose of telling the time replique montre chanel, a Rolex is a rather wasteful and unnecessary investment of money. The value of contemporary Rolex watches will decline as the market for watches, in general, begins to fall. Also, Rolexes are widely counterfeited and fakes have become difficult to tell from the genuine item.

Bottom LineThe Rolex remains a popular item for collectors, who admire the beauty and technology of the groundbreaking vintage models. But as an investment, a modern Rolex will most likely fail to hold its value in the saturated market for a soon-to-be obsolete technology.

JCKOnline: Retailers Still High on Watches

It depends when you mean « worth the money » That’s like asking if a Ferrari is « worth the money. » I think that they personally are worth every penny. I suggest buying a genuine pre-owned Rolex for a first watch. They cost a fraction of retail prices and they retain their value if you plan on reselling it. Historically speaking, stainless steel Rolex models have retained a higher percentage of their retail value than the precious metal (gold, platinum, etc.) models. I got a good deal from a website called time that has been certified for original watches and have even sold a watch I bought from them for a small profit.

Where to Turn Next

There’s nobody like an investment banker to deliver yesterday’s news tomorrow, and charge you dearly for it. Goldman Sachs has turned bullish on the dollar, while Merrill Lynch is calling crude oil down to $80.

If bandwagon jumping was an Olympic sport, these guys would have more gold medals than Michael Phelps. After pumping up the commodity and Euro bubbles all year replique montre, a whiff of a bear market and they shamelessly perform a high speed U-turn.

Even more amusing is the sudden discovery by the CFTC, which bent over backwards to convince Congress that oil prices were set by fundamentals, that it underestimated the share of trading accounted for by financial speculators. You don’t say. If a canny operator like Boone Pickens has lost $2bn in a month on oil futures replique montre rolex, the odds of another Amaranth Advisors style blowup are worryingly high over coming weeks as the commodity markets forcibly deleverage. The market absorbed that $6bn hit in 2006 back when investment bank balance sheets were in decent shape; now the upheaval would be considerably greater and might well sink a second tier bank.

Despite this risk, technically we’re probably on the cusp of the kind of Bull Trap rally in commodities that will give the optimists one last hurrah before prices nosedive faster than the Chinese stock market (although 45% down in 6 months will be hard to beat). I’ve closed my commodity short positions and liquidated my equity holdings as discussed in the last post. Ultimately, as in every previous cycle replique montre, most commodities will converge to their marginal production costs, implying a 50% plus decline from the recent peaks. Some are already close, like grains, but many like copper and oil have a long way to fall.

On the chart below, the 200 day moving average is a good target. When the bubble excesses are cleared in 6-12 months, and the banks have started shutting their shiny new commodity desks as volumes slump, I’ll be buying for the long term secular uptrend still in place.

As for currencies, I stated on July 7 in Bear Markets and Holiday Reading that ‘I’ve noted the dreadful economic news flooding out of the UK in the past week and being a Dollar bull in general, I’m opening a short in Stg/$ expectation of a move below 1.80 by the Autumn. Suddenly everyone thinks the UK is a hedge fund with a monarchy attached and facing some nasty margin calls. Greed isn’t good in these volatile markets so I’m banking my profits after a spectacular move, although I would expect to see the dollar hit 1.50-1.60 medium term, reverting to the range seen in the decade up to 2002.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has displayed the kind of shameless manipulation in the Olympic opening ceremony that would make even a Wall Street banker blush. From swapping a buck toothed but talented child singer for a prettier miming version to digitally faking the fireworks display (a real one would have been invisible in the toxic smog) and substituting suitably made up Han Chinese for ethnic minorities in the parade, the whole operation was about as authentic as a Rolex watch bought in a Beijing street market. If anybody is still naive enough to believe official Chinese economic statistics aren’t systematically doctored, then they’re in for a rude awakening, because the next consensus to implode will be the stumbling Chinese economic miracle.

Already some GDP forecasts for 2009 are slipping to the 8% range. Tradable goods exports cannot be sustained at recent rates with the US trade account shrinking fast not just cyclically but as a result of a structural downturn in consumption that may amount to 4-5% of GDP (which just brings us to the average level before the credit boom of recent years). Or perhaps those Wall Street gurus will notice that the S has now outperformed every major foreign index, developed and emerging, YTD. So much for that mantra of overseas diversification. As with the dollar, the revelation of recent weeks is that with the Eurozone and Japan stuttering, US equities are the best of a bad global bunch.